Originated from Germany from Argente and Himalayan rabbits. Medium sized weighing between six and a half to eight and a half pounds. There is no visible neck in this dumpy breed. Their fur is black and shiny on the surface and black and matt on the belly. They have dark brown eyes and the toenails are black in colour.


The Angora is one of the oldest breeds of rabbit, it is thought to have originated in Turkey hundreds of years ago. They were initially bred for their wool. There are four types of Angora: English Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora and Giant Angora. Their eyes are rich ruby red. The English Angora is gentle in nature, but not recommended for those who don't enjoy grooming their animals.

Argente Creme

This is the smallest of the Angentebreeds. The under colour is orange and the top colour is creamy white interspersed with long orange hairs. This breed of rabbit is a very calm breed and will make a very good house rabbit.

Argente Bleu

A compact rabbit weighing about six pounds. An under colour of lavender and a top coat of bluish white. This breed of rabbit would also make a good house rabbit.

Argente De Champagne

This was bred and kept in France for many years. It was used as both a fur and meat bearing animal by the French peasants who raised it. The name does not refer to the colour of the rabbit but the district of France that it came from. The actual colour is a silvery colour, the under colour is black slate blue and the top coat is whitish blue shot though with black.

Argente Brun

Brought into England in the 1920's from France. It is rarely seen now but is a calm and good natured and would make a good pet.

Belgian Hare

This rabbit originated in Flanders and was imported to England where it was selectively bred until the present day form was produced. At one time the Belgian hare was the most popular fancy rabbit, it was responsible for bringing the domestic rabbit to the notice of thousands of people in the UK and the US. Although called a hare, it is in fact a rabbit. It has a deep chestnut colour bordered by black ticking along the length of the body and around the ears. It is a very distinctive rabbit and often takes top honours at rabbit shows.


The Beveren is one of the oldest and largest of the fur rabbits. It was first bred in Beveren, which is a small town near Antwerp in Belgium. Around 1915 it became very popular in England because meat was very scarce, the flesh at that time was far more important than the fur. They come in blue, white, black, brown and lilac. There is a rare Beveren, which comes in the same colours but has white tipped hairs. Because they are a larger breed, weighing around 8lbs they need good sized accommodation. They make excellent pets for small children.

British Giant

A very large rabbit weighing 12.5lbs and over. The colours are dark steel gray, black, white, blue, brown, gray and opal. They make wonderful pets but they need a lot of room.

Blance De Bouscat

This rabbit is of French origin and is quite rare in England. It is a fairly large rabbit weighing around 12 pounds for the buck and up to 14 pounds for the doe. It is white and the fur is dense and silky.